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Myth-busting Israel’s Judicial Reforms & the Extraordinary Reactions

Mark Friedgut is the Vice Chairman of Kehillat Kadimah and is barrister at the Sydney Bar practising primarily in the equity, commercial, corporate, insurance and defamation fields, and has acted in constitutional disputes in the Federal, Supreme and High Court. Previously a barrister (advocate) in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mark has also practiced as a partner […]

Inventing the Palestinians as an Obstacle to Peace

Who are the Palestinians? Why is there no book in any library on the planet narrating their history? Why are there no references in United Nations records to the Palestinians for the first quarter-century of UN resolutions of the Arab-Israeli conflict? Sha'i ben-Tekoa is an American-Israeli journalist who has written extensively on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

An Aussie in Israel – What’s really going on? Ari Briggs

Ari Briggs made Aliyah from Sydney and became Director of International Relations with Regavim, an organisation dedicated to protecting Israel's land. Ari has written extensively, including for the Jerusalem Post and the Jewish Press and has strong connections with the Israeli government. Hear Ari's story of moving to Israel and his unique perspectives on current […]

Can the whole world be wrong?

How a radical inability of Westerners to understand the medieval mentality that drives Global Jihad prompted a series of disastrous misinterpretations and misguided reactions. Richard Landes is an American historian & author who specializes in medieval millennial thinking. He taught at Boston University and is now a Senior Fellow at Bar-Ilan University. Landes coined the […]

Combatting Antizionism as the New Antisemitism

Extreme antizionism is widely acknowledged to be the new antisemitism. AJA Tzedakah is partnering with film director Hugh Kitson & Col Richard Kemp, as Hugh produces a new educational resource to fight the lies & assist in harm prevention in Australia. Hugh has been making documentary films for half a century. He has more than […]