READ THE POWERFUL LETTER the Australian Jewish News declined to publish below.

As many will know, one of the principles championed by Australian Jewish Association (AJA) is free speech in accordance with both democratic and Jewish values. Unfortunately there are some in our community who actively oppose such values.

AJA when arranging its Melbourne launch for early September, booked the Beth Weizmann centre months ago. We chose to do presentations on the subject of Islam and Jews as it raises important issues which other Jewish organisations refuse to discuss publicly and we believe require discussion and our community deserves to be informed.

AJA President Dr David Adler and renowned theology scholar Dr Rev Mark Durie were the presenters. Both have delivered numerous talks on Islam.

One week before the event, as a result of pressure from within the Jewish community including by senior community leaders, the Beth Weizmann board cancelled the booking.

Read the powerful letter from Tom Borsky, former leader of the organisation which cancelled our booking and listen to a 30 sec extract from an interview with Peter Wertheim, Executive Director of ECAJ, who sent an observer to an AJA presentation and confirms that there was “NOTHING OBJECTIONABLE SAID THERE AT ALL”. (Audio courtesy of Nothing Left on J-Air).

So here’s a compelling case why AJA is necessary. We will respect our community and not treat our community members like proverbial mushrooms. We will encourage dialogue on a range of subjects and policy issues even if these are seen by some as controversial. We will not be cowed by Political Correctness.

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Henry Greener · October 11, 2017 at 11:10 am

I have been involved in the controversy relating the banning of AJA from holding a meeting at BWCC and Mizrachi. I found it astounding that such venom and misinformed hysteria could arise from a newly formed Jewish Organisation’s attempt to discuss in an open forum an issue that should be open to civil discourse.I agree with Tom Borsky’s letter to the AJN, which just came to my attention, as I did not see it when published. I went to the meeting at South Caulfield Synagogue to film it, as is my tendency and desire to document events of interest in our community. The Hall was full, the crowd was well-behaved, the speakers were not fear-mongering or expressing hate in any way.
The Video of the Event was finally released today on J-Media Online. It is over 2 hours long and will not be gripping viewing unless one is interested in knowing beliefs, attitudes and actions taken by radicalised Islamists towards Jews, which, if taken to the extreme, is a threat to western civilization. Political Correctness, in ignoring the past terrorist atrocities, by overlooking these threats, will not solve the problem or formulate a solution. Our community needs to face the realities of possible evil to come, not hide our heads in the sand or be divided by our very own radical, extremist elements.

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