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Susan Zimmerman

Susan Zimmerman, BA (Sociology and English Majors) ATTI, born in Melbourne, is a published author of non-fiction books and was a co-editor of an online family magazine for several years. She worked as a Welfare Officer for Victorian Wards of State in the 1970s and later as an English teacher in high school, preferring to tutor years 11 and 12 English from home when raising her children. During 2018-2021 she wrote several submissions to government and one to the Ruddock Inquiry. All have been published on the appropriate websites.

Her initial submissions advocated reforms to existing primary and secondary school curriculums Australia wide, away from political activism and towards a more moral based education. She believes this would go a long way towards halting the escalation of bullying and antisemitism in schools and universities. A further submission was sent to the Ruddock Inquiry in support of protecting the religious freedom of faith-based schools in Australia and finally, many letters to Victorian MPs, that they not legislate away freedom of choice in matters of affirmative and conversion therapies.

As a sociologist, Susan is a strong advocate of the family as the foundation of a stable society. When working for the Youth Welfare department in the 1970s she was appalled by the cold, heartlessness of the remand centre and youth hostels and the inadequate screening of foster parents. Her husband as a Justice of the Magistrates Court, attests that little has changed in the Youth Welfare Department today.

As an observant Jew, Susan was drawn to AJA by its commitment to Torah values. As a passionate Zionist she resonates with AJA’s pro-Israel advocacy, its concern for the safety and survival of Jews world-wide, its strong stance against antisemitism, BDS, and its work towards protecting religious freedom and freedom of speech in Australia.

Susan is married to Leslie Zimmerman. They have two married children and four beautiful granddaughters.