Australian Jewish Association
We are AJA

Why AJA?

AJA is a membership-based community organisation guided by authentic Torah values, as well as centre-right, conservative Australian values.

By Torah values, we mean a public policy outlook that is informed by the principles of traditional Halachic beliefs. This does not translate into any sort of requirement on the personal lives of our members. We welcome members at all levels of Judaic observance, who share our devotion to Am Yisrael (the Jewish nation) and Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel).

By centre-right Australian conservatism, we mean advocacy for public policies that advance the cause of individual liberty, economic freedom, limited government, a strong national defence, and the primacy of Australian law.

Support for Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people is an indispensable pillar of our worldview.

Core Policy Principles

1. To be guided by Torah (in its broad sense) in policy development and advocacy;

  • In the formulation of policy, in interaction with other bodies, in advocacy and representation to decision makers and media, and in all activities of the organisation, the principles of Torah provide guidance.
  • AJA welcomes all Australian Jewish community members who support the AJA Mission and wish to join the Association regardless of their level of Jewish observance.
2. To work entirely within the laws, regulations and institutions of the Commonwealth of Australia, the States and Territories in which the organisation operates;
  1. Support the principles of a liberal democracy.
  2. Advocacy and representation to governments and in the media to be within established democratic structures and methodology.
3. Support Israel as the only nation-state and the cultural and religious home of the Jewish people. Support the right of Jews to live in security and peace in their traditional ancient biblical homeland.
  1. Jerusalem is the eternal undivided capital of Israel and the entire city including Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount) should be administered by Israeli authorities.
  2. The land of Israel includes the biblical Jewish heartlands of Judea and Samaria.
  3. Support policies and initiatives to further develop and strengthen the relationship between Australia and Israel.
4. AJA will constructively engage with Governments, parliamentarians, government agencies and departments in policy and advocacy for the benefit of the Jewish community and Israel as well as present views directly in the media.
5. Will work with other groups in the broad Australian community and in the Australian Jewish community in formulating and pursuing common objectives.
6. Support as a priority the security of the Australian society in general and the special security needs of the Jewish community as well as the personal security of all individual peaceful and law-abiding citizens.
  1. Cooperate with and support the work of our Defence Services, police forces and official security agencies.
  2. Recognise and assist with the security needs of facilities within the Jewish community.
  3. Oppose vigorously and publicly any ideology, culture or group which threatens the Jewish community or has anti-Semitic dimensions.
7. Not to affiliate with any registered political Party in Australia but may engage with, attend meetings, invite representatives and express views on the platforms of any Party.
8. Support mainstream conservative values in a manner consistent with the above stated principles including;
  1. Freedom of speech as a core foundation principle of democracy and Judaism.
  2. Natural family structure, recognizing every individual has the right of free choice to live how he/she chooses.
  3. Support for the disabled, aged and other disadvantaged in our community.
  4. Freedom of religion, provided that exercising such freedom does not have adverse impacts on others.
  5. Strong, diverse vocationally orientated education systems.
  6. Small government with principles of low taxation, low regulation and efficiency and accountability of expenditure.

Key People

David Adler


Dr David Adler is a medical graduate of the University of NSW, where he also received the medical faculty prize for general proficiency and leadership.

Robert Gregory

Director of Public Affairs

Robert was admitted to the legal profession after graduating from Bond University in Queensland with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons). Returning to his birth city, Sydney he has held various roles, most recently in legal education where he produced several major events.

Hilary Friedland

South African born, immigrated to Melbourne in 2001.

* Owner/ director: Hilary Falkow-Friedland Public Relations - South Africa.

Michael Markiewicz

Michael was born in the UK, qualifying there as a Solicitor in 1981, the same year he moved to Sydney and was admitted to practice in New South Wales. The following year he started in search and recruitment and this was his career for 36 years till he retired in 2018.

Brian Levitan

A South African graduate in Theoretical Physics, Engineering and Business Management, Brian Levitan worked on the NASA Mariner Mars Mission.

Terry Davis

Terry Davis arrived in Australia from London in 1983. He has lived in Sydney since emigrating from the UK, and is a member of the North Shore Synagogue congregation.

Alan Freedman

Vice President

Alan Freedman works as a consultant pharmacist in Melbourne providing medication reviews to people at home and in the aged care setting. His interest in Israel advocacy and Jewish issues expanded about 20yrs ago

Michael Burd


Michael Burd now retired since 1996, had a 30-year background in the clothing Importing business with factories based in India and Pakistan. Michael married his Jewish, Indian-born wife in the only Synagogue in New Delhi nearly 40 years ago. Michael’s wife Rebecca’s family originates from Iraq..

Geoff Bloch

Geoff Bloch

Geoff Bloch is a Melbourne-based barrister and a graduate of Mount Scopus College and Monash University. In his student years Geoff studied in Yeshiva in Jerusalem and was a youth leader in Bnei Akiva and the Counterpoint programmes.