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Why AJA?

The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) was created to fill a void and provide a strong, principled voice for the Jewish community in Australia.


To be guided by authentic Jewish values means having regard in policy formulation to principles of Torah. This imposes no requirement on how members conduct their lives. The organisation will welcome members of all levels of observance.
Who would have guessed that AJA would be such a phenomenal success and important voice in Australian politics over such a short time. The reduction in Australian payments to UNRWA is one such victory.

Rowan Dean

I am a huge admirer of the AJA and I follow your work closely.

Col Richard Kemp

AJA is a really important development in Jewish community advocacy.

Senator James Patterson

Thank you for what the AJA does for Australia.

John Roskam

I love the AJA

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


Jewish Australians are voting with their ‘clicks’. In just a few short years, AJA has grown to be the largest Australian Jewish organisation on social media.

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Our weekly Zoom Speaker Series takes place each Wednesday at 8pm (Sydney/Melbourne time).

High level international & local speakers explore the major issues for the Jewish community, Israel, & Australia.

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Australian Jewish Association - AJA
Australian Jewish Association – AJA16 hours ago
Meet Joanna Horton.

Joanna is the partner of federal Greens MP, Max Chandler-Mather.

Joanna herself had a role with the Greens.

Joanna thought it would be a smart idea to re-post this praise for the ‘heroism’ of the ‘Palestinians on the day of the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

Her partner, Max Chandler-Mather can never resist an opportunity to bash the Jewish State.

Does Max consider raping Jewish women and murdering Jewish babies ‘heroism’?

The Greens are rotten to the core. They are Australia’s Nazi Party. Every candidate and party must preference the Greens last.


16 hours ago