Australian Jewish Association

Australian Govt Change of stance at UN

The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) is profoundly disappointed with reports in today’s media of Australia’s “Policy shift on Israel” at the United Nations Human Rights Council.
AJA President, Dr David Adler said, “It will come as no surprise to many, that the world’s only Jewish State, also happens to be the only state subject to a permanent, open-ended UN probe. What is more surprising is that Australia chose to absent itself from a statement put out by 22 countries, including the US, Canada and the UK condemning this outrageous bias.
We appear to be witnessing a disappointing shift in Australia’s voting position at the UN. Rather than voting with like-minded nations and friends, Australia is positioning itself on the fence.
In the leadup to the election, many in the Jewish Community were concerned by past hostile remarks from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and senior Labor figures but few predicted such a dramatic change in Australia’s foreign policy would occur so quickly.
Alongside the expected support for the Government’s changed stance from Israel critics like Bob Carr, it is troubling to see some Australian Jewish organisations satisfied to express support for a general statement from the Australian Representative. It appears they may have their heads buried in the sand, are making excuses for the new Labor government and are oblivious to the change in Australia’s foreign policy signalling happening in front of their eyes.”

Dr David Adler