Australian Jewish Association

AJA Statement on Salman Rushie and call to Proscribe IRGC


The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) condemns the vicious stabbing attack on author Salman Rushdie. He is reportedly in a serious condition, with injuries to his eye, nerves, and liver.
AJA President, Dr David Adler said, “This violent attack by an Islamic extremist on a celebrated author simply because of the words he wrote, must be condemned by all decent people.
This attack has the fingerprints of the Iranian Regime all over it. It is the Ayatollahs of Iran who issued the original Fatwa calling for Rushdie’s murder. It is the Ayatollahs of Iran who renewed this Fatwa, and it is the Ayatollahs of Iran who used Twitter to call for Rushdie’s murder and offer a $3 million reward as an incentive.
The man arrested over the stabbing reportedly shared posts praising the Iranian Regime and Shiite extremists.
The attack is the latest in a spate of Iranian-linked attacks to hit the US this week. Just days ago, an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) member was charged with plotting to murder the former US National Security Advisor on US soil. Two days before that, a reported Iranian agent was arrested in Brooklyn for attempting to murder an exiled Iranian opposition activist in her home with an AK47.
Iran is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world and is directly involved in planning and carrying out attacks from Argentina to Thailand. Australia has been fortunate to largely be spared from Iranian terror, but we mustn’t be complacent. Several Iranian attacks have been foiled in our neighbourhood.
The Australian Jewish Association is calling on the Government to follow the lead of the USA and proscribe the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation. This move would send a strong signal that Australia abhors this shocking violence. AJA expects that such a move would have bipartisan support.
Australia must get serious about confronting Iranian terrorism, including its financial sources, if we want to avoid experiencing it on our streets.”

Dr David Adler