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The Faruqi effect : keeping the world clean, one protest at a time

By Adam Kreuzer, Antisemitism Education and Strategies Officer, Committee Member – Australian Jewish Association (AJA)
Tuesday 30th January 2024

Ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce you to the strange political mystique of Mehreen Faruqi, Deputy Greens Leader, and NSW Senator. This is a political world focused on aggressively leading and promoting the pro-Palestinian cause, brainwashing our impressionable youth, and positioning Israel as the colonial dictator and collective punisher of the innocent Palestinian people. Faruqi’s one-sided political messaging is scary and frightening to many Jews across Australia and needs to be brought to your urgent attention for consideration.

According to the Greens website, Faruqi joined the federal senate in August 2018. In her first speech to Parliament, “she continued her work calling out discrimination, condemning the legitimisation, normalisation and encouragement of hate in politics and the media.” If this is Faruqi’s worldview when it comes to preaching love and understanding, it comes as no surprise that her obsessive hatred and anti-Israel vitriol continues to gather steam on a daily basis and finds new supporters particularly amongst Australian students who are flocking to the morally bankrupt Australian Greens in sympathetic droves.

Fast forward to November 2023 and we find Senator Faruqi deleting a social media post (see below) where she gleefully posed in front of an anti-Semitic sign from a pro-Palestine student protest in Sydney. How are these social media posts and supportive attendance at such protests condemning hatred in politics and the media, as per her first speech to Parliament?

According to Sky News, Senator Faruqi is seen standing with six students who attended the march, five of whom are holding hand-made placards. While four of the signs bear messages of support for Palestine, the fifth (circled in the picture provided) instead depicts a figure placing an Israeli flag into a trash bin alongside the words “keep the world clean”.

Senator Faruqi had captioned the post: “courageous students will lead the way for justice for Palestine, even when their Labor government won’t.” Thankfully the Federal Opposition under the steadfast leadership of Peter Dutton, has been “highly critical of the Greens’ response to the conflict in the Middle East, accusing the party of promoting hate speech and spreading misinformation about Israel.”

An editorial in The Australian called out Faruqi for her actions at the time, stating that “the contemptible behaviour of Pakistani-born Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi, who posed on Friday beside a placard reading “keep the world clean” and showing an Israeli flag over a rubbish bin, has no place in a civilised society, let alone Australia’s upper house.”

In a strong display of support for the Australian Jewish Community, shadow education minister Sarah Henderson told Sky News that Senator Faruqi “must unreservedly apologise” for contributing to the spread of anti-Semitic content. “This sign constitutes vile antisemitism” she said. “The Greens Senator must explain why she posed for a photograph with a protestor displaying such hatred for Jews. Senator Faruqi must unreservedly apologise for her role in spreading this disgraceful antisemitic message.” Posing and smiling in front of such hateful content
demonstrates unreserved and unapologetic support for such actions to take place against the Jewish people, that is, cleaning the world of Jews.

Senator Faruqi ended up dragging her feet to issue an apology of sorts, protecting her political skin to fight against Israel for another day yet.

Liberal senator Andrew Bragg told The Australian that “you have a senator going to hang out with people who want to destroy the Jewish state and the Jews. Not something I’d ever thought I’d see in Australia, and it won’t be accepted into the mainstream.” Senator Faruqi cannot tolerate either mainstream political party taking a moderate line on the current conflict between Israel and terrorist group Hamas, stating that the Coalition is “morally bankrupt when it comes to Palestine” and the ALP has shown itself to be “heartless, gutless cowards.” What is bleedingly obvious is Senator Faruqi’s convenient silence when it comes to Hamas and their moral obligation to avoid using their own civilians and hospitals as human shield platforms to fight the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza.

In a staged protest of what they allege is the government’s inaction over the Hamas-Israel war, Senator Faruqi said that “weasel words are not going to stop (Israeli) war crimes. Today we bring the people’s protest into parliament.”

Unsurprisingly, the World Socialist Web Site ( take this venom a few steps further, stating that “what occurred on October 7 was an uprising of the oppressed that took the form of a military operation because of Gaza’s character as an enclosed ghetto surrounded by the Israeli armed forces. The deaths of civilians were tragic. Responsibility lies with the Zionist regime’s brutal treatment of the Palestinian masses, including murderous attacks on previous peaceful protests at the Gaza border.”

It is with this moral defence and deliberate obfuscation of Hamas’ deadly actions on October 7th, that is at the core of Senator Faruqi’s all-out assault against Israel and is passionately echoed by the Australian Greens in a frighteningly persistent, deliberately ignorant, and myopic tone. They will stop at nothing to undermine the safety and security of Jews across Australia. In February 2023, Senator Faruqi led the charge to further brainwash and influence anti-Israel sentiment amongst Australian tertiary students, writing to Australian universities asking them not to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism. What a shameful, biased, and disgraceful act, to say the least.

Many within the Australian Jewish Community are utterly disappointed and mystified by the Albanese’s Government’s lukewarm response to the Hamas attack and mass murder of Israeli civilians on October 7th last year. Senator Faruqi would beg to differ, telling Al Jazeera that “the decision to ignore thousands upon thousands of Palestinian and allied voices shows the Australian government’s complete disregard for the very people who put faith in them when they elected them. People will not forget this betrayal. History will not look back kindly on the actions of the government.”

No government is perfect. However, I would gladly support the actions of a democratically elected government in Israel to safeguard the security of their citizens over a classified terrorist regime with the stated aim of death and destruction to all Jews, being Hamas.

There are no limits as to how far the likes of Senator Faruqi and the Australian Greens will go to spread falsehoods about Israel, shift the narrative to the far left of the political spectrum, and create the kind of fear and uncertainty amongst the Australian Jewish Community that nightmares are made of. We can, of course, vote with our feet, come the next federal election. I encourage you in good conscience to consider the anti-Israel policies, actions, and efforts, of Senator Faruqi and the Australian Greens, and hold them to strong account at the ballot box when you next have the chance.